I notice your every freckle
Where your breath is easy and wide
Where you stop and hold
Thinking, lost, momentarily frozen

I know the softest caverns and stretches of skin
The contours of your hips in my hands
The stories that your face tells
Muscles embracing bones, ligaments, tendons

I know about that ache in your chest
How sometimes it’s so charged and present
You can’t loose yourself no matter where you turn
That it begs with its heavy, dull sensations
“Touch me, I’m hurting”

I know about how deeply you desire to feel good
How sometimes you get tangled up in fear
Attempt control, plea for security, distract and numb
I know this so well for I am just like you
I bleed and ache and loose myself in fantasy too

But this is not all that we are my love
We are made from the same intelligence that crafted the stars
When I become still and let my awareness slip to the back
A subtle presence reminds me what else I am

Beneath the clinging of my human mind lives something essential
That exists before birth and after we die
Infinite creation embracing all contrast within it's home
I identify here, in the vast mystery with so little that I know